Cub Cadet 782.8

Welcome to the 782 with a 2.8 V-6



November 28, 2008.  Brought home the donor tractor today.  A poor old 782 that had been in a fire.  I think with a heart transplant, she will be good to go again.


Not too mch left of the old girl.


After a little stripping down, the motor is lifted into place and hung over the frame to see what it looks like.


Its not looking too good.  Thinking taht the frame needs to be stretched.  better get a second opinion.  Better call my dad, the inventor of the 1650-4!


A little slicing and dicing with the plasma cutter and the motor drops into place.


The goal now is to try to get it to fit into the stock length frame and under the hood.  So far so good.


January 2, 2009


Got some more done.  The motor is supported in the frame.  The goal was to make the rear mount a structural part of the motor and frame - so that the frame doesnt have to take the strength under the motor, but the motor becomes the frame.  It worked out good.


Got the old rear fenders on for mock up.  Had to take a break from the motor stuff and work on the custom rear wheels.  They are 2 part - centers and outer rim.  I can put in any type of center that I want.


Here is a shot to the drivers side rear frame mount.  Some more welding and grinding once the whole thing comes apart.


Here is a shot of the rear of the flywheel.  It is almost perfectly in line witht he hydro input shaft.  That will make it easy to make a drive shaft.



The carburator adaptor is done and on.  I am using a 76 chevy 262 - 2bbl carb.  Shouldn't over power the motor too bad - and will be putting on a tach with a soft touch rev limiter.



Stole the hood off my 582 to check of it clears - darn, new carb is a tad bit too tall.  Ill have to keep looking for something different.  Radiator is in position and brackets made.  Had to remove the water pump cause there was no room for a fan.



With the water pump off, I was able to laser cut a plate to match the profile.  Then I will put on a bypass to route the water from the intake hose to the center and water should distribute evenly.  I will be using a remote water pump off the the under side of the motor.  Then I will have space for the alternator also.


Here's the completed water bypass plate.

March 1, 2009

The basic tractor is done and now its time to tear it apart.  This is the part that I dont like!


Here's the completed power steering that was made out of a quietline lift cylinder.  I cut the end off and welded on a cat 0 ball end, and cut the rod end off and welded the rod end on.  I made my own frame attach plate and it worked out great.



Well its apart and the paint is flowing.



More assembling and painting.... sheesh.....



Its March 20, and Im getting closer.  April 1st is my deadline and I am going to hit it.  The tractor sounds really great and has been a blast to put together.

March 27, 2009  -  Its Done!








Owner, Designer and Paint and Bodywork:  Xtrememotorworks

Detroit Lakes, MN

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