Cub Cadet Receiver Mount Hitch

Part Number: CC-05-001


This is for the 582 thru 1282 cub cadets. 

A heavy duty hitch for your cub cadet that will give you the flexibility of adding many attachments to your tractor.  Any receiver mount hitch that fits your car or truck will fit in this receiver.  It is the same 2" as a vehicles.  Heavy duty 1/4" back plate is laser cut for supreme accuracy and uses 7 mounting bolts for extreme rigidity.  Receiver is 1/4" wall also!  Uses the standard 5/8" hitch pin.

You could put your bike rack in here, a platform for putting your tools and supplies on, a digger or a garden attachment, a sprayer, a hitch mounted winch, a generator unit, etc.....  The possibilities are endless of what you can build. 

Due to the fact that the receiver is only 4" deep, you might have to drill another 5/8" hole in your attachment to make the holes line up.

You will need (7) longer 3/8" bolts by 1 1/4" long"

This one fits the older series cub cadets with the aluminum rear end housing. If you have questions on if it will fit, I can email you a bolt diagram drawing.