Category 0 - 3 Point Lift for 82 Series Cub Cadets and Newer

Part Number: CC-03-001 and CC-03-101


   Reproduction Category 0 - 3 Point lift system.   The kit is designed to work off of the single deck lift system.  You can leave your deck on and lock it in the up position while using your 3 point accessories.  Complete kit.  Retrofit to fit more tractors than the original 190-389 kit by Cub Cadet. 

Some major improvements were made to this kit:


1.  Double width bushings on the rock shaft to prevent premature wear and failure over time of the main plate.

2.  Dual lower holes for the drag link pins, allows you to tailer the height of your lift and change how your equipment pulls.

3.  Hole in the middle of the back plate allows you to get to the oil fill / check hole without having to dismantle the 3 point.

4.  Holes in the upper left corner on the back face to allow quick attach hydraulics to be added - re-route  your front ones to the rear or add in a set.

5.  The upper 3rd link attachment brackets are welded on instead of (2) 3/8" bolts holding them on.  Much stronger than stock.

6.  If you have a newer tractor, the hole for the rear deck adjustment rod it pre-drilled and located.

7.  Dual lower hitch holes to accommodate the 3 and 5 bolt hitches - depending if you have the aluminum or cast iron rear end.

8.  Whole rear frame is made out of a whole guage heavier material.

Pictures above are shown on a 982.  Will not work on tractors with PTO.  Receiver hitch sold seperately.  Will fit the following tractors without PTO:

383   984   1712   580   986   1772   582   1210   1782   680   1282   1872   682   1512   1882   782   1604   1912   784   1606   1914   882   1710   2072   982   1711   782D   1811   1862 and more.......

 May fit others, but not tested yet.    Part is raw steel, UNPAINTED.

Buyer must make sure this will fit his tractor before ordering.

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