Garden Tractor Dual Wheel Spacers

Part Number: CC-01-001


These are premium new dual wheel adaptors for you garden tractor.  They will fit Cub Cadet, John Deere, Simplicity, AC, Sears and most garden tractors that use the 12" rim with the 5 bolts on a 4 1/2" diameter bolt circle.  These rims were widely used between most lawn and garden tractor manufactures.

These dual wheel adaptors feature:

  1. 5/16" Thick Flanges on Both Ends  (Stress analysis program shows 1/4" is not strong enough)

  2. Laser Cut for Superb Accuracy - tubes are press fit into the end plates and welded both sides

  3. Chamfered Self Centering Holes Tractor Side - centers the adaptor perfectly on the rim.

  4. 2 1/2" Square Tubing for Exceptional Strength (stronger than round)

  5. 7/16" Grade 5 Bolts and Nuts

People ask "Why the square shaft?"  I laser cut the end plates to fit the shaft, allowing the square shaft to fit through the end plates, which allows maximum torque through the adaptor shaft, and eliminates the possibilities of the shaft breaking or spinning off the end plates.  A much stronger adaptor than a tube welded to the end of 2 plates.



End Cover Plates sold separately.

Adaptors will be made to your specified size, but here is  what I recommend for an approx. 1" gap between sidewalls...

If you tire size is 23x10.5-12, then order a 11" spacer - outside of flange to outside of flange.

If you tire size is 23x8.5-12, then order a 9" spacer - outside of flange to outside of flange.

If you tire size is 6-12, then order a 7" spacer - outside of flange to outside of flange.

If you tire size is 26x12-12, then order a 12 1/2" spacer - outside of flange to outside of flange.

These are what I recommend.  If you want something specifically different, then provide me the measurements.


Click Here for Measuring Instructions.....  

Other custom lengths and sizes for different tractors available on request.  I can build and cut almost any part that you might need... Email me !!!!



End Cover Plates  Sold Separately

Part Number: CC-01-050




AC and Simplicity

Part Number: CC-01-001-AC

This is a set built for an older AC Simplicity with locking rear differential.  We had to make a custom spacer and 2 different length spacers.



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