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Parts For The Cub Cadet "Original" and Accessories....

Cub Cadet Original Choke Bracket

Bracket for the cub cadet original for attaching the choke cable.   UNPAINTED.

XMW PN# CC-71-061     $8.00


  • Cub Cadet Original Oil Bath Bracket

  • This is the support bracket for Cub Cadet Originals with the oil bath air cleaner.This is the support bracket for Cub Cadet Originals with the oil bath air cleaner.   UNPAINTED

    XMW PN# CC-71-060     $18.00


Cub Cadet Original Grill BraceCub Cadet Original Grill Brace

Reproduction of the grill brace used behind grills on cub cadet originals. UNPAINTEDD

CC-96-050     $17.00 / ea.CC-96-050     $17.00 / ea.


Cub Cadet Original Lift PinCub Cadet Original Lift Pin 

Reproduction of the lift pin used on the Cub Cadet originals.  Welded washer style. UNPAINTED 

CC-03-051    $23.00 / ea.CC-03-051    $23.00 / ea. 


  • Original PTO Engagement LockOriginal PTO Engagement Lock 

  • Reproduction of the Cub Cadet Original PTO engagement lock. UNPAINTED 

    CC-96-053     $32.00CC-96-053     $32.00 


Original PTO Engagement ArmOriginal PTO Engagement Arm 

Reproduction of the Cub Cadet Original PTO engagement arm.  UNPAINTED 

CC-96-054     $85.00 


Cub Cadet Original Amp Bracket 

Reproduction of the Amp Meter Bracket issued by Cub Cadet. UNPAINTED 

CC-98-031     $15.00CC-98-031     $15.00 


  • Cub Cadet Original Reproduction Hood 

  • Reproduction of the original Cub Cadet Original hood.  Part is an identical match.  Original hoods were made out of .036" steel and we made these out of .048" steel for a little more rigidity.   UNPAINTEDD 

    CC-98-001     $205.00CC-98-001     $205.00 


Brinly Gard - N - CartBrinly Gard - N - Cart 

Reproduction of the original Gard-N-Cart.  Made to tight specs with today's technology.  All high grade steel, laser cut to precision tolerances.  Parts are tumbles after welding to remove any laser oxides and are ready for primer and paint.  Kit is designed as original for the Originals and the 70 / 100's.  Comes with complete grade 5 hardware to fit any of the listed tractors above.  May fit more with slight modifications.  Sold UNPAINTED. 

CC-97-001     $325.00CC-97-001     $325.00 


Cub Cadet Original Lift RodCub Cadet Original Lift Rod 

Reproduction blade lift rod for the Cub Cadet "Original".  Made from .500" steel. For use with blades only. UNPAINTED. 

CC-87-001      $55.00CC-87-001      $55.00 


  • Cub Cadet Original Seat PanCub Cadet Original Seat Pan 

  • Reproduction seat / fender pan for the Cub Cadet "Original".  Made from .134" steel, which is a little thicker than the original seat par and a little less notch in 3 point shaft area to reduce the chances of cracking. UNPAINTED. 

    CC-21-001    $53.00CC-21-001    $53.00 


Cub Cadet Original FendersCub Cadet Original Fenders 

Reproduction Fenders for the Cub Cadet Original - Since these fenders are hard to find, I have created a "Looks Pretty Close" set.  Bolts to the seat / fender pan just like the real ones.  Includes hardware and 1/4" cross bar.  Buy with seat / fender pan above. UNPAINTED. 

CC-21-004     $125.00CC-21-004     $125.00


Cub Cadet Original Fender Rod 

Reproduction Fenders Rod for Original Fenders and Reproduction ones sold above.  5/16" rod.  Buy with seat / fender pan above. UNPAINTED. 

CC-21-006     $12.00CC-21-006     $12.00 


  • Cub Cadet Original Tail Light Bracket 

  • Original Cub Cadet Rear Tail Light Bracket. UNPAINTED. 

    CC-70-001      $13.00 


Cub Cadet Original Tail Light Bracket - Modified 

Original Cub Cadet Rear Tail Light Bracket with the hole for the wire in the middle. UNPAINTED.. 

CC-70-002      $13.00CC-70-002      $13.00 


Cub Cadet Original Headlight Brackets 

Original Cub Cadet Head Light Brackets.  OEM Specs.  Sold UNPAINTED and in Pairs. 

CC-71-003     $21.00 


  • Cub Cadet Original Mower Deck Shell 

  • Original Cub Cadet Mower Deck Shell.  OEM Specs.  These are made per order - shipping can take up to 5 days from order.  UPS shippable.  Sold UNPAINTED. 

    CC-72-050      $350.00 


Cub Cadet Original Deck Wheel Bracket Mount 

Original Cub Cadet Deck Wheel Bracket Mount.  OEM Specs.  Sold in pairs, left and right.  UNPAINTED. 

CC-72-055      $23.00 


Cub Cadet Original Deck Wheel Bracket 

Original Cub Cadet Deck Wheel Bracket.  OEM Specs.  Sold in pairs.  UNPAINTED. 

CC-71-056     $23.00 


  • Cub Cadet Original Deck Pulley Cover 

  • Original Cub Cadet Deck Pulley Cover.  OEM Specs.  Sold UNPAINTED. Per pair. 

    CC-71-053     $55.00 


Cub Cadet Original Front Frame Cover 

Original Cub Cadet Front Frame Cover.  OEM Specs.  Sold UNPAINTED. 

CC-71-054      $24.00 


Cub Cadet Original Brinly Hitch Bracket 

Original Cub Cadet Brinly Sleeve Hitch Bracket - Just like the original.  Sold UNPAINTED. 

CC-71-115      $125.00 








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