Welcome to the 1964 Plymouth Savoy Project    


(Not Ryans actual car)


Owner: Ryan

Alexandria, Mn  56308






Work on the car has started and is going well.  Its been thru the sand blaster and we found that there is a bunch of patches in places that we didnt expect.  Metal work has started on the body.  The doors and hood and trunk are etch primed on the bottoms and ready for some block work.  We cant wait to see some of the color sprayed on the car panels.



November 2012





December 20-12





Some of the body work that went into it prior to going into the booth.



January 2013





Etch Primed




2 Coats of High Build Primer.  Next Block Sand, Prime again, Wash, Sealer, and then 3 Coats of  Paint.  Its getting closer.




First painted part.....




The main body is done.